Career Builder Programs at CSHS

Program Description

  • The Career Builders Program offered by the Chamber is a great opportunity for Cactus Shadows High School juniors or seniors to obtain work experience and be a part of their community.  It also provides local businesses the chance to help our youth to prepare to be contributing members of the workforce.

    Job Shadowing and Internship programs enhance the employability of youth by allowing youth to see what working in a field is really like and providing the real life forum for discussion of various careers and their required skills.  Through internships, youth gain greater clarity about academic and vocational options and opportunities.

Local Businesses-How to get involved:

  • Local businesses who would like to get involved with the CSHS Workforce Development program please click HERE to access the online form.  Please complete and hit submit.  The form will be submitted online to Sara Haugen, Career & Technical Education Director.  For questions, feel free to email Sara Haugen at 

Students: How To Get Involved:

  • To print out student application, click here 

    Please submit completed applications to 

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Professional Fields Included in the Program

  • The following programs are offered at Cactus Shadows High School or EVIT.  This is an overview of some of the competencies students are looking to practice and refine in a work-based internship or job shadow opportunity.  NOTE:  Internships may incorporate a multitude of competencies or focus on just a few….they may be set hours each week or revolve around project work…students are just excited to work in real-world settings.

    • Digital Communications:  Students from our Digital Communications program are seeking work based experience in utilizing computer applications to manage media; grow knowledge of workflow planning to produce audio, video and written communication; gain knowledge of verbal, written and non-verbal communication skills required by the media industry; management of social media platforms and strategies; photography with camera and video; website design and maintenance; journalism; social media campaigns; and more. 
    • Film and TV/Video/Photography:  Students from our Film/TV program are seeking work based experience and practice in pre and post production activities, developing a story/scrip, cinematography techniques, project development for a specific client need, roles/responsibilities of production team, equipment usage, website design and maintenance, photography with camera and video; software applications (learning programs within Adobe Creative Cloud on campus), social media enhancements and more.
    • Business Management:  Students from our Business Management program are seeking work based experience in general management practices; human resource management; project management functions; business and financial management practices needed for an Enterprise; accounting; financial analysis; marketing concepts and implementation, and technology utilized in a business environment
    • Finance:  Students from our Finance program are seeking work based experience in banking;  securities and related investments; consumer insurance services; consumer credit and lending practices; software application in the financial sector; compliance and regulatory exploration as it relates to the industry; legal and ethical practices in the workplace
    • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation:  Students from our Sports Med program are seeking work-based experience to grow upon their knowledge acquired during two years of Sports Medicine at Cactus Shadows.  We have a variety of student interests from physical therapy to sports medicine to pharmacy to healthcare/medicine.
    • Culinary:  Students from our Culinary program are seeking work-based experience in food production; food planning/costing; hospitality industry; bakery; catering; event planning and more.
    • Software and Computer Sciences:  Students from our Computer Sciences/Software program are seeking work-based experience in maintenance of computers; cyber-security; network systems; information support & services; website design and maintenance; Java; Python and more.
    • Marketing:  Students from our Marketing program are seeking work-based experience in marketing foundations and promotion; selling; customer service and culture development; human resources as it relates to culture; distribution strategies; social media campaigns; hospitality; public relations; and more

    Additional internship partnerships/opportunities with our EVIT students  

    We have students enrolled in the following Career and Technical Programs at our EVIT campus.  If you have an internship area or job shadow that matches one of the following fields, please feel free to reach out as well and we will see if there is an interested student:

    Aviation                                                              Interior Design  

    Automotive Technologies                                 Veterinary Medicine

    Baking/Pastry Art                                          Welding

    Cosmetology                                                      3D Design



    Fire Science