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    Welcome to preschool!

    My name is Miss Marissa and I will be your teacher.  We are so excited to meet you and to share the journey of learning with you! We have so many fun and exciting things planned for the school year. In our classroom we lead with kindness and love. We will learn about our emotions and feelings and how to acknowledge them and regulate our parts of the brain, using mindfullness and breathing techniques. We focus on creativity and thinking "outside of the box", people know me by my constantly changing hair colors ;) so it is no surprise that I value individuality and being true to oneself. 

    Our program centers around a play based learning philosophy. A play based program focuses on children choosing activities based on their current interests. It is also sometimes known as a "child centered" program. We feel that children retain more information if they are interested and engaged in the activities and lessons. There are many philosophies and every family should choose the one that works for them. I have worked in many programs over the many years of my career and I feel passionate about the play based philosophy and how it helps children to learn important life, social and academic skills in an environment that's fun! Everything we do in class has a purpose :) When your child is using slime or playdough, they are strengthening the small muscles in their fingers and hands known as fine motor. Fine motor skills are an important step in pre-writing. When they are playing at recess and doing movement games with us, they are working on coordination, balance and strengthening their gross motor skills, which are the large muscles in the body. Every center in our classroom is an invitation to learn and to have fun while doing it. 

    During circle time and small group times, we work with the children on letter sounds and recognition, writing skills, math, science, shape recognition...everything they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond! 

    Our class also has a strong focus on social and emotional skills. We encourage children to work their problems out together, but that we are here to help support and guide them through difficult situations. Autonomy in many areas is an important life skill and we work with children to be confident in their own abilities. 

    Every child in our classroom is special and unique, so we work with each and every child at the level they are at. Every child has their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, every student will have different expectations and goals to reach. We have parent teacher conferences twice a year to discuss where your child is at and the specific goals that we have for them. I am also available throughout the year to discuss your child's progress and we feel it is so important to have a child's home and school life be cohesive, so that they always feel supported. Communication is very important to me, so please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions or concerns, or to tell me about something awesome or funny that your child did, or a proud moment they had... or.... well, you get the idea ;)

    In our class we have FUN while learning! :)                   

    Play is the highest form of research.

    -Albert Einstein


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