Mr. Slavin - World History/Geography

  • Hello parents and students! My name is Jakob Slavin and I will be teaching World History this year. I am embarking on my second year of teaching having started my career in the Madison School District last year. I graduated from Simpson College (a small school in the Midwest) in 2022 with a degree in criminal justice and religious studies. I wrestled for four years at Simpson and look forward to also joining the wrestling coaching staff here at Cactus Shadows. 

    I believe in cultivating a classroom environment where community-based learning thrives and student engagement is paramount. As your dedicated guide, I am committed to sparking your passion for the past through dynamic activities, interactive discussions, and inclusive, respectful discussions of diverse perspectives. Together, we'll uncover historical mysteries, celebrate the interconnectedness of humanity, and create an engaging, immersive learning adventure. It is my goal and my passion to foster and develop curiosity as a way to create life-long learners.  I intend to create a space where our standards of success are measured not only by individual progress but by what the students contribute to the learning community and, perhaps more importantly, by their ability to accept help and support when they need it. I am so excited to work with with the amazing humans of Cactus Shadows this year!

  • Period 2- World History/Geography (8:20-9:20)

    Period 3- World History/Geography (9:25-10:25)

    Period 4-World History/Geography (10:30-11:30)

    Lunch (11:30-12:05)

    Period 5- World History/Geography (12:05-1:05)

    Period 6- World History/Geography (1:10-2:10)