Carefree Cares Excellence Awards

  • Each quarter of the school year the Town of Carefree and CCUSD® recognize one outstanding CCUSD staff member from each school or department based on exemplary service to our schools and community. This person will be recognized at the Carefree Town Council meeting, presented a special "Carefree Cares" pin and a brief narrative will be read for the honoree. CCUSD will also recognize the winners at a corresponding quarterly Governing Board meeting honoring their contributions to CCUSD and our community. Selections come from each site/department submitted by the Principals and Directors.  

    The recognition will be posted on social media and on District communications.

    As always, family and staff members are welcome to attend the meetings and their show support for their colleagues, district and community.

Congratulations to Our 2nd Quarter 2019-2020 Recipients

  • Lori Drube, Black Mountain Elementary School

    We are thrilled to recommend Lori Drube, Black Mountain Elementary School Resource teacher, as the recipient of the 2nd Quarter Carefree Cares Excellence Award. New to BMES this year, Lori has already made an enormous impact on everyone around her. She comes to Black Mountain with a tremendous skill set formed from many years of education teaching, and a continuous drive...

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  • Ashley Fauss, Sonoran Trails Middle School

    Ashley exemplifies what it means to be dedicated to your school and your students. As a teacher, Ashley spends her days opening doors for students to the wonders of science while getting them to think critically. After school, Ashley transforms into various characters to provide STMS students with opportunities to shine: you might find her running our...

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  • Liz Kramer, Lone Mountain Elementary School

    Liz Kramer is a legend at Lone Mountain. She inspires her students, colleagues, and families to learn more and be their best selves. Mrs. Kramer quite possibly has the most inviting and cozy classroom around, but the decorations are just symbolic of the deep care she brings to her classroom. She creates a classroom environment...

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  • Lijia Luo, Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

    Lijia Lu is a ROCKSTAR 1st grade Chinese immersion teacher at Horseshoe Trails. She’s only in her second year of teaching after graduating from Arizona State University and you would never know it. Her work ethic and dedication to our students in her teaching is second to none. She works tirelessly...

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  • Cindy Minor, Desert Willow Elementary School

    Cindy Miner is hands-down the kindest, most helpful teacher to her students and colleagues. She inspires her students to be active participants and creative thinkers. She also instills a love of reading by showcasing great authors and books to her students...

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  • John Trenton, Cactus Shadows High School

    This is John’s second year at Cactus Shadows High School but he has already made a big impact! John teaches French 5/6 and 7/8; talk about creating an engaging classroom. John embodies the district focus of teaching proficiency in world language. John’s students are always talking, writing...

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  • Ronda Walton, Desert Sun Academy

    DSA is fortunate to have many staff members deserving of recognition but when asked to select one individual, Ronda Walton stands out. Principal Bagwell approached Ronda two years ago to be a teammate to DSA’s French Immersion teacher for Kindergarten and 1st grade. In a very short time, both of her teammates left, which posed a great challenge but Ronda has stepped up as a leader...

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Congratulations to Our 1st Quarter 2019-2020 Recipients

  • Jessie Dizdarevic, Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

    Jessie is one of the very best teachers we have on our campus at Horseshoe Trails. For the pas seven years, Jessie has taught kindergarten but this year she's taken on a whole new challenge as the facilitator of learning in a kindergarten/1st grade combo class that incorporates an entire STEAM block with both grade levels. She provides personal learning stations and intensive...

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  • Devin Galloway-Parmeley, Black Mountain Elementary School

    Mrs. Parmeley began at BMES years ago as a special education teacher. I was blown away by her skills in such a demanding position -- always poised in meetings, extremely organized, and absolutely doing whatever she could do for the kids. When Devin moved into the general education classroom, we gained an amazing Math teacher and leader with...

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  • Don Larson, Sonoran Trails Middle School

    Don exemplifies what it means to e dedicated to your school and your students. Rather than ever wait to be asked to lend a hand, Don just jumps right to work. That work might look like trimming an overgrown tree; it might look like clearing a cross country path; it might look like pulling a student aside who needs help and mentoring them; it might look like leading...

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  • Megan Linch, Desert Sun Academy

    In addition to her teaching position, Megan has shown passion and dedication to ensure that DSA continues to be the great place it is. Anytime there is a need, she will be the first one to volunteer her time to help out: Honor Society, Leadership Team, Personalized Learning Council Representative and DSA's Tech Cadre are only a few of the extra duties she has taken on. Her passion and drive...

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  • Sydney Myers-Lenz, Lone Mountain Elementary School

    Sydney has been a champion for students, families, and teacher at LMES for many years, but this year she has stepped up during dificult transitions to provide a calm and stable presence. She has trained new staff members, estrablished new procedure and systems to organize everyone, learned a new position, and picked up missing pieces. She has done all of these things with a smile and...

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  • Kristina Pancoast, Desert Willow Elementary School

    Kristine brings joy, fun, learning and independence to our first graders. Kristina is a fabulous first grade teacher. She cares and loves each and EVERY one of her students. She is at school every night until 8:00 or 9:00 pm working to ensure she is doing all she can for each child. My (now adult) sons had her for first grade. My 2 youngest were adopted...

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  • Jennifer Reisener, Cactus Shadows High School

    Jennnifer Reisener is an outstanding Chemistry teacher. Jennifer maintains high rigor and expectations of her students. Furthermore, she provides the apprpriate scaffolding to ensure that they are successful. Jennifer is also a master at creating engaging lessons. In addition to her outstanding work in the classroom, Jennifer is also a leader at CSHS. Jennifer serves as...

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