Upcoming Performance

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    This show is much smaller because of the timeline we were given. If you were not selected to be apart of performance dance, you are still in Dance Club. We will work on technique and in the Fall we will have another big show that you can audition to be in.

    Congradulations to all that made it into dance performance!

    All performance dance parent meeting Monday February 10th 3:40pm. This meeting is mandatory to participate in performance dance.  

    Junior Performance: 

    First meeting- Tuesday February 11th 7:40

    Blakely J           Ryan D

    Avery N            Bexley B

    Liv K                Tempe R

    Peyton D          Elise H

    Brooks S          Logan F

    Mae T              Lexi T

    Sloane H          Ellie M

    Bella N             Nina E 


    Senior Performance 

    First meeting Thursday February 13th 7:40

    Megan C          Adrianna W 

    Olivia R           Clare Z 

    Audrey M         Jacqueline S

    Brooke W        Peyson H 

    Aubrey S         Lena S 

    Elyse S           Camryn K

    Caitlyn C         Reese S 

    Ella G             Averi F 

    Kira W            Karsen S

    Kelly G           Kate B

    Kayla C          Zoe G 



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