Course Syllabus  2021-2022


    Instructor: Mrs. LeBlanc

    Room: # 312

    Phone: (480)-575-2505

    Email Address: lhaugen-leblanc@ccusd93.net


    Office Hours: Lunch M, T, W, TH

     2:10 to 3PM  Most days unless there is an IEP meeting.  Just ask, I am here to help you.


    Course Description: 

    American/Arizona history is a survey course of U.S. and Arizona history

    from Native American Indian cultures through the modern era.  The program integrates the

    economic, social and political events that shaped our nation and state. Students will study

    major events and people that have shaped the United States as we know it today. Events such

    As European settlement in the Americas, colonization, the American Revolution, the formation of a constitutional government, westward expansion, slavery and the Civil War will be highlighted as well as some other important figures. 

    Second semester Post Civil War, students will cover the Industrialization of

    America, the Progressive Movement, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold

    War, Vietnam, and events of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s to current.


    Grading Policy: Each student's grade will be based on, but not limited to, participation in

    discussions/readings, tests, homework, research assignments, reports, projects and the final exam for each semester. Every activity has learning value; however, not every activity has grade book value. Emphasis is placed on learning and retaining the content material. Grades are located on-line. It is the student’s responsibility to check grades frequently in case of error.


    Grade Categories and Percentages:

    Grades are based heavily on in class participation/ activities weighted at 50%

    Videos are embedded in the textbook and discussed in class.


    Final exam = 20%

    Projects, research papers, unit tests and quizzes = 30%


    100% to 89.5% = A 

    89.5% to 79.5% = B 

    79.5% to 69.5% = C 

    69.5% to 59.5% = D 

    Below 59.5% = F


    Grade Changes: We will provide many opportunities for students to demonstrate learning

    throughout the grading period. I have worked diligently to assure that each student is treated

    equitably. In order to maintain the integrity of grades, requests to change or “bump up” grades

    will not be considered. A student’s grade is a snapshot of mastery of content during a relatively

    narrow time frame of Semester 1 or Semester 2, and does not represent future potential.

    If I have made a clerical error in calculating semester grades, I am able to make the appropriate

    changes in the next semester.


    Assessments/Tests: Tests are announced/scheduled well in advance and must be taken on

    the day they are assigned. Students absent the day before all tests scheduled in advance will

    be required to take the test on the assigned day.


    Extra Credit Policy: Extra credit is only determined at the discretion of the instructor. 


    Homework Policy: I rarely assign homework. We do the work in class which is why attendance is so important.

    Students are responsible for contacting teachers to complete missed work. Parents can email teachers to request work to pick up during a student’s absence. Any work assigned is due at the beginning of class on the day it is due, or will be considered late. You may turn in work early. 

    If work is turned in late, you may earn up to 50% of the original grade. See district policy regarding make up time for ‘Excused Absences’.


    Attendance: Per your student handbook, if a student has an absence he/she will be allowed to

    make up the work as long as the work is completed in the allotted amount of time (ie two days

    for each day missed). Work not turned in due to an absence must be turned in on the day

    returning to class. 

    Unexcused absences will result in NO credit for the work done in class that day. This includes assessments. If a student is absent more than ten days during the semester, they may lose credit for the course, per CCUSD policy.

    If you are absent, YOU are responsible for finding out about any make-up work, assignments,

    or notes. If you have questions or need help with the material that was covered, you will need

    to attend office hours. If a student is absent on the day of an assessment, the student must

    make up the test in office hours within two days.


    School Absence Policy

    Students are responsible for contacting teachers to complete missed work. Parents can e-mail

    teachers to request homework to pick up during a student’s absence. For every day of excused

    absence, a student has two days to make up homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests (parents

    have 24 hours to contact the school to excuse the absence). Work previously assigned with a

    due date during an absence is due on the first day of his/her return to school (including

    suspension dates). Be advised that each department, which assigns extended projects, has

    specific deadline dates. All make up work from an excused absence is eligible to receive full

    credit if completed and turned in within the 2 day window.. Assignments, tests, quizzes not completed within the 2 day window will receive a zero. (Ref: Board Policy JH-R)

    Tardiness: Class attendance is taken using a seating chart. Students are expected to know the

    location of their assigned seats and be seated when the bell rings. Students must be in their

    assigned seats when the bell rings. Students may be marked tardy if not in seat by the time the

    bell rings. School policies will be followed concerning tardiness and absences. Excessive

    tardies/absences may result in a loss of credit for the class – see CCUSD #93 Student Handbook.

    Classwork/Homework: Any work assigned in class that is not completed during the class period will need to be completed as homework and will be due the following day.

    Quality of Work: All work assigned will be assessed for being completed as assigned, following

    directions, and must be of the highest quality in order to earn full credit. Work that is turned in

    incomplete or that does not follow specific directions will have reduced points.

    District Policy JK-R


    A student may be subject to disciplinary action when the student engages in any of the

    following forms of academic misconduct:

    • Lateness - For missing or leaving school or class without permission or excuse.
    • Cheating - Including but not limited to copying, using unauthorized help sheets and the like,

    illegally obtaining tests in advance, substituting for a test-taker, and other forms of

    unauthorized collusion.

    • Plagiarism - Representation of the ideas or work of another person as his/her own.
    • Collusion - Supporting malpractice by another student as in allowing one’s work to be copied

    or submitted for assessment by another.

    • Duplication of work - Presentation of the same work for different assessment components

    and/or requirements.

    • Fabrication of Data - Manufacturing data for a table, survey, or other such requirement.
    • Any behavior that gains an unfair advantage for a student and/or affects the results of another



    Cactus Shadows High School takes academic dishonesty seriously

    Any violation of this policy will result in a zero for the assignment/ assessment for a first offense, a zero for the assignment/assessment and short term suspension for a second offense and a loss of credit for the semester course (.5) and short term suspension for a third offense.

    Students who share assignment/assessment information with other students via pictures,

    paper or electronics will receive a zero on the assignment/assessment and a short term to long

    term suspension (prior academic misconduct referrals from any other school or CCUSD grade

    level will be considered).


    Under NO circumstance are students allowed to “share” answers on assignments, warm ups,

     labs, quizzes, or tests. Additionally, students should not be in possession of other students’ papers. The use of textbooks or “cheat sheets” for tests or quizzes is also not permitted. Students will receive NO CREDIT for any of the items described above, as well as, for talking during a quiz or test. Whenever two people are involved in a cheating episode, BOTH the person providing the answer and the person receiving the answer will earn NO CREDIT. Parents will be notified and a referral to the appropriate administrator will be written. A second

    offense may result in a short term suspension for up to nine days, as per CCUSD policy.


    Students Leaving Class:

    Passes will not be given the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes of the class period and

    students are to be gone no longer than ten minutes. Please use passing periods wisely and take

    care of personal matters. Also bring everything you need to class.


    Electronic Devices:

    Classrooms are designated as ‘No Phone Zones. Cellphones, ear buds, Airpods, or any other electronic devices are not to be seen or used in classrooms for any reason other than teacher requested academic activities. Upon entry into the classroom, students should turn off and stow all devices in their backpacks or in the container provided by the teacher. If you bring your cellphone, earbuds, or Airpods to school and they are damaged or lost, the school and teacher cannot be held responsible. Recording any activities in class without the express permission of the teacher and other students is prohibited and subject to a discipline referral.


    Guest Teachers: We value our Guest Teachers. The expectation is that our students treat our

    guests with the highest level of respect and support. Students who do not exhibit FALCON

    PRIDE while in the classroom with a guest teacher will be written up and referred to appropriate administrator.


    Teacher Website and Google Classroom:  My website/ google classroom will serve as a vital resource for students the entire school year.

    It is the student’s responsibility to check the site everyday as it has important information

    students need to know to meet the requirements for this course. This includes but is not limited

    to (Calendar of weekly objectives, useful links, and online assignments when given.)


    Google Classroom: All students should have a Google apps account given to them by the school district. Certain assignments and group projects will be completed using Google. It is important that students make sure they have access to a computer with Internet access. The school library is open after school on most days and during most lunch periods. Class time will not always provide the student adequate time to complete online work.


    Bottom line, I am here to help you learn. If you do not understand something, need extra help, or need test taking skills, how to review material for upcoming tests, please come to me. I will make every effort to set aside time to help you. It starts by asking, that has to start with you.


    Disclaimer: Course information listed in this syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of

    the instructor, or as directed by school administration and as district policy changes.

    Extraneous info – discussion:

     Fire Drills/Evacuation Routes; Lockdowns

     Locked Doors;  BR passes/Sign out sheet (10 minute rule/one out rule)

     Tissue/hand sanitizer /miscellaneous;  Any Questions?


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