Welcome to English 12 & English 101-102 First Year Composition - DE

  • Please note that for the 2022-2023 school year, I will use Google Classroom as the primary learning platform. The weekly calendar and other items used in past years will not apply. Refer to Google Classroom for daily instructional materials. Thank you!


    Classwork and Homework

    All classwork, homework and instructional materials will be posted on Google Classroom. Homework is due the following day unless otherwise specified.

    Teaching Philosophy

    I continually adjust my instruction according to the degree of student understanding and insights gained from education research. By utilizing flexible instructional strategies in my English classes, I can adapt instruction to mesh with the abilities, experiences and preexisting knowledge of students. I have outlined my teaching philosophy in the following four principals: universal design, culturally responsive teaching, critical thinking and reflection and student-centered instruction. These principles, which focus more on students than teachers, guide my choice of materials, activities and assessments and indicate how learning is best supported.


Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule

    Period 0--    English 11 and 12
    Period 1--    English 101-102 First Year Composition - DE                                                                                                                                Period 2--   English 101-102 First Year Composition - DE
    Period 3--    English 101-102 First Year Composition - DE
    Period 4--    English 101-102 First Year Composition - DE


Learning Platforms

  • Google Classroom codes and links are provided by the teacher during the first day of class. Please see the teacher for access to Google Classroom.