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    Q: What do I need to say on the attendance line?

    A: Please leave the following in the message when reporting a student absence: student’s name, reason for absence, name of person reporting the absence.  For example, “Billy Bob is out sick today, this is his mother calling.”  If it’s a difficult name, please spell it.  The line AUTOMATICALLY tells us your phone number, the date and the time of the call.  You do not have to repeat any of that information.  


    Q:  When should I call in an absence?

    A:  As soon as you know the student is going to be absent.  You can leave messages 24/7.


    Q: My child is 18, can they call in themselves?

    A:  No, only emancipated students may call themselves and excuse their absences (and we need the paperwork on file).  


    Q: I need my child to leave within the hour, what should I do?

    A: You will need to call and speak to someone directly,  480-575-2433 or 480-575-2049.  The attendance line can be on an hour delay (on busy days it can be up to 2 hours).  Your child will not get called out on time if you do not talk to a live person.  Please note: Early releases should be called in by 8:00 am to ensure the student is released on time.


    Q: I called my student out, can they walk out the gate?

    A: No, all students must check out through the front office prior to leaving during school hours.  Failure to do so will be a violation of the Closed Campus policy and the absence will be recorded as unexcused. Additionally, appropriate school consequences will be assigned.


    Q: My student was given an early release pass, can they walk out the gate?

    A: No, see above.


    Q: Where can I send doctor’s notes or additional support/documentation for absences (Ie: college visits) ?

    A: You can drop them off in the front office or you can email them to: cpine@ccusd93.net


    Q: How quickly does the attendance get updated?

    A: Calls on the attendance line are inputted within about 2 hours of the message.  When a student is signed out or in it could take the school day to input. Please give us 24 hours to input all absences.  If, after 24 hours, you notice an error then please notify attendance.  


    Q: My student had to use the bathroom before 3rd hour.  Can I excuse their tardiness?

    A: No, a parent can only excuse their student’s tardiness on the way into school.  Once here, the student is expected to go to class on time, be present for roll call, and then ask to use the bathroom.  Students are not permitted to use the bathroom during the first or last 10 minutes of class to help ensure students are present when class starts and at the end of class.  This ensures the safety of our students. 


    Q:  My student just came late to 1st hour, why was he marked as missing the whole class?

    A: A student must be in the class for over half the class period to get credit for being present that period.  For example, if a student comes into 1st period at 7:50am it is considered an absence.  If the student came in at 7:45 am it would be considered tardy.  The cut-off time for 1st period on a normal scheduled school day is 7:48 am.  Half day Wednesday is 7:40 am. For additional information on “cutoff “ times please see the attendance page on our website. 


    Q: When does the potential loss of credit come into play?

    A: A warning letter goes out to the parent after (5) days absent.  Students who reach eight (8) absences and/or tardies in one or more classes during any semester will be automatically placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION. Students will be removed from ACADEMIC PROBATION at the end of the current semester if they have twelve or fewer absences for the current semester with NO TRUANCIES, SUSPENSIONS OR TARDIES AFTER ACADEMIC PROBATION BEGINS. 


    Q: What is the appeal process if they do miss (13) days or over?

    A: The student must submit a formal appeal letter and turn it into attendance NO LATER than May 1, 2023 to be considered for credit.  The letter should be from the student and detail the specific reasons for their absences.  The letter does NOT guarantee credit.  The student will be notified of their credit status during the week of Final Exams

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