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    Mr. Russell Del Grosso

    I had the pleasure of teaching mathematics at CSHS since 2000.  Originally from N.J. moved in 1976 to Arizona where I recieved a B.S in Mathematics from NAU and a

    M.S. in Mathematics from ASU. I also own and operate a commercial fishing business in Alaska in the summers harvesting Wild Ak Salmon.  My wife Donna and son Ian are a great support, where my son works as part of our crew on the F/V Donna Marie.


    Educational Philoshophy

    That all students can become proficient in the learning, understanding and application of mathematics so they may become more successful in the global, technological world we live in.

    Courses:  Calculus & Precalculus

    Periods 1-3:  Calculus

    Periods 4-5: Precalculus

    Room # 912

    Phone: 480-575-2597

    Syllabuls: classroom.google.com






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Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Calculus
    Period 2: Calculus
    Period 3: Calculus
    Period 4: Precalculus
    Period 5: Precalculus

    Office Hours Tu & Thur 2:00-3:00