Kay Eagle  keagle@ccusd93.net


    I believe in teaching students to reach their full potential, discovering their passions and finding their creativeness. 

    I would like them to find their path in life, be happy and feel that they have become apart of something bigger than themselves. 

    You may reach me at 480-575-2466.

    Graduated from ASU

    Arizona State Certification in Special Education


    Welcome to Senior Consumer Math Essentials!

    Consumer Math Essentials is a modified math course that completes your 4th year of required math credit to graduate from high school.

    Students, you will  have an amazing opportunity to experience real world life financial concepts, which includes:

    • Financial Terms/Vocabulary Usage.

    • Apply Mathematical Operations and Mathematical Problem Solving skills.

    • YOU are a world consumer and will self-assess and self-evaluate to determine YOUR  preferred lifestyle and personal financial needs to achieve your financial goals. 

                                                                           Welcome to Essential Skills!

    This class adheres to a more suitable pace to give more time for students to learn the concepts and ask questions.  This is the best level of service to provide time to process information and the steps it takes to solve consumer mathematical problems accurately. 

    Essential Skills is an elective credit  course where students receive services towards their IEP goals and extra academic support/ strategies to guide them towards being a successful student.   


    About Me

    I have been in the teaching profession for many years and have always enjoyed working with students, no matter their age.   My love for animals is immense, of which I have 2 dogs and 2 horses.  One of my bucket list of journeys is experiencing being on a cattle drive.  I  completed this mission by participating in a 3-day cattle drive in New Mexico.  This was truly an amazing adventure and riding up the plateau to a wide canyon below gave me the tremendous feeling of how one felt years ago discovering new land below.

    My next bucket list of dreams is the journey to Italy. 


     Google Classroom

    Students will be added to my google classroom.










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Current Assignments

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Class Schedule

  • Period  1   Consumer Math Essentials (Seniors)
    Period  2   Prep
    Period  3   Consumer Math Essentials (Seniors)
    Period  4   Essential Skills
    Period  5   Essential Skills
    Period  6   Essential Skills