Digital Learning

  • Students in the Finance and Marketing programs will be using technology in the classroom on almost a daily basis.  The classroom is equiped with laptops for each student to use and there are a variety of business and editing programs on each computer for students to use when creating their projects. In additon, the CTE Department has purchased a wide selection of online educational tools and programs that are used to support each of our curriculums.  

    In the Marketing Program students will use the interactive program Knowledge Matters, Retail Management, to create and manage their own retail operation. Students in the Finance Program will use the Knowledge Matters, Accounting Program, to create and manage the finances of their own business operation. 

    Students in Finance will be participating in the H & R Block on-line Stock Market Game and Challenge.  

    Marketing students will be created a New Product Promotional Plan that will include creating a web page and a variety of marketing print media and digital media documents.  

Google Apps for Education

  • Each student in both my Marketing and Finance classes will be using google classroom for many of their assignments and to submit their assignments when completed.  Each class section will have their own google classroom with a code and instructions on how to join the class.  They will be able to access all assignments and documents from any computer or smart device.