Digital Learning

  • In fourth and fifth grade, students are encouraged to use technology to expand on their learning.  Students will be using Canvas, Google Apps, Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts, Achieve3000, DiscoveryEd, kahoot, quizlet, and a variety of other digital tools that can be integrated appropriately in our fourth grade curriculum. 

    In my classroom, students will have 23 chromebooks to use for their digital learning needs.  We will also be having computer lab time once a week, so all students have an equal chance of using a computer.  In computer lab, students will be working on typing skills, working on Imagine Math, Achieve3000, and working within Google Apps.

    Your child has been given a Google account that they will be using throughout the year to access all their digital learning tools.  They can even access their accounts from home!

    Desert Sun Academy is very BYOT (bring your own technology) friendly! In fourth and fifth grade, we will be working on many digital projects and encourage students to bring in handheld devices. Students and families will be informed when it is appropriate to bring in these devices.

Google Apps for Education

  • Our school is a Google Apps for Education School.  In this classroom we will be using the district google accounts to collaborate, write, revise and publish writing and presentations.  Each student has a Google Account.  Within this account, they have access to the following Google Applications: Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Spreadsheets, Google Drawing, and Google Email.

    Google Apps