Core Knowledge

    Core Knowledge-2020/21

    Please know that dates and subject sequence may be changed as
    we may need to make adjustments throughout the year.
    However, this will give you a good idea of the many areas we will be


    Core Knowledge Schedule

    Core Knowledge  

    Geography/Map skills: August12th- August 23rd
    Continents: August 26th- September 6th
    Mesopotamia: September 9th- September 20th
    Ancient Egypt: September 23rd- October 11th
    Human Body: October 14th- November 8th
    Early Explorers/ Columbus: November 12th- November 15th  
    Pilgrims /Jamestown: November 18th- November 26th
    Aztec, Mayans, Incas: December 2nd- December 13th
    Fairy Tales: December 16th- December 20th
    Space: January 6th- February 7th
    Presidents/American Symbols: February 10th- February 21st
    13 Colonies: February 24th- March 6th
    Oceans: March 9th- March 20th
    Inventors: March 30th- April 9th

    States of Matter/Electricity: April 13th- April 17th
    Habitats: April 20th- May 1st

    What your 1st Grader Needs to Know-Fundamentals of a Good First Grade Education Edited by E.D. Hirsch Jr.