Digital Learning

  • As a classroom in the 21st Century, we will be using technology on a daily basis. Welcome to Google Classroom!! We will be using Google Classroom for typing writing assignments, completing questionaires and completing any other assignments that can be done online.

    How to Access Google Classroom

    1.   In your web browser (Chrome is best!) type in:
    2.   Sign in using your school e-mail:  
    3.   Next, click on the “waffle” in the upper right hand corner next to your name
    4.   Click “more” and scroll down until you see Google Classroom
    5.   Next, click on Miss M’s class, and you will be taken to our class dashboard!


Google Apps for Education

  • Desert Sun Academy is a Google Apps for Education School!

    We use the following applications on a daily basis:

    • Google Classroom
    • Google Docs
    • Google Slides
    • Google Forms