•       At Black Mountain Elementary School, technology is fun!  We integrate math, reading, science, geography, and history into many different software programs that make it fun for the students to learn.
          BMES students have been introduced and are currently navigating multiple digital learning platforms in Language Arts and Mathematics. These platforms support classroom instruction, provide supports for areas of struggle and opportunities for students to move at their own pace.  These programs include Achieve3000, Smarty Ants, Into Reading, Imagine Math, Think Central and Discovery Ed.  
          The software programs they use for different projects are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, and Google Apps. These projects range from typing a simple story about animals to an elaborate presentation about space. 
          Learning how to explore the internet is also a skill the students learn. They learn how to research using the internet as well as using web-based programs which support students in a variety of subjects.
          Technology is part of our curriculum and an important part of our student's education. Chromebooks in the class room and/or computer class at the elementary level provides students the foundation to acquire technology skills, discover new ways to use those skills to perform tasks and use critical thinking skills, integrated with technology to solve problems and arrive at solutions.



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