Digital Badges for Technology Integration

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How can I get a badge?

  • Follow these steps to get a digital badge that you are ready to earn:

    1. Use the application with students in a student-centered manner-At the Adoption level on the TIM or higher
    2. Collect evidence of your students' use of the application
    3. Apply for the Digital Badge
    4. The Tech Cadre will follow up with you based on your answers to the questions in the survey.
    5. You will be awarded the badge!

    Simple process but worth it to you for the following reasons:

    • You will earn one hour of professional development credit
    • You can post the digital badge on your website in the Digital Badge Section 
    • You can post the paper badge on your wall in your classroom!
    • You can be a leader on your campus for that particular Digital System
    • YOU can be in charge of your own professional learning!!


Who can I go to for help?

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