On-going Assignment Resources

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Science Fair Handbook

  • Students will receive a hard-copy of this folder in class.  Students will receive these folders during Fall Conferences. No due date for Science Fair has been formalized, but we do know that Science Fair Committee is looking at the last two weeks of January.
    Click here for the Science Fair Folder

Etiquette Handbook -- 4th quarter

  • Each student is writing an Etiquette book.  Each student book will have 9 chapters as detailed below.  The chapter needs to have included at least the subjects that are listed here under the chapter headings. Each chapter has at least two paragraphs.  After the paragraphs, students will bullet list facts for easy access of information.

    Neatness and spelling count.  At least 3 chapters need to be typed into Google Docs in our Google Classroom account. There is an assignment there for you to access.  I will print those chapters for you to include in your Etiquette Book.   The remaining chapters you may print or write in cursive.

    Each book is required to have at least 3 illustrations. These illustrations can be hand drawn and added to your book, or printed images or graphics can be printed from your Google Docs/Google Classroom account. Students may print photos or images from the internet.

    We have class time, and you may need to work on it as homework.  Your book is due on _________ (Not assigned yet. This is a 4th quarter assignment)

     _________ Book of Etiquette
    It’s All About Common Courtesy

    Chapter 1: Conversation
    Eye Contact
    Kind words – polite
    Accepting apologies
    Saying thank you
    Shaking hands

    Chapter 2: Table Manners
    Burping – bodily noises
    Carry your plate from the table to the dishwasher
    Passing food
    Don’t talk with food in your mouth – mouth open
    No elbows on the table
    Ask to be excused
    Table conversation
    Table setting

    Chapter 3:  In Public
    Opening doors
    Boys opening door – girl option
    Sitting gracefully
    Knock on closed door
    Clean up after yourself – leave a place cleaner than when you found it
    Offering your seat to elder or pregnant woman

    Chapter 4:   Being a Good Host, Guest & Friend
    When a friend is over – Sleepovers
    Taking care of your friend – getting drinks, food
    Teaching them manners of the home
    Guests go first

    Chapter 5:  Phone & Texting
    When, where, how

    Chapter 6:  Movie Theater
    Phones - talking

    Chapter 7:  Thank You notes
    Stationary or not?
    Friendly letter style

    Chapter 8:  Netiquette
    Start with the district info sheet and use current internet search info

    Chapter 9:  Interesting Etiquette Facts

AZ Parks -- include AZ State Parks and National Parks and Monuments in AZ