Flag Corps

  • Purpose:
    The purpose of the Flag Corps of Horseshoe Trails Elementary School is to raise and lower the American flag  and the State of Arizona flag when school is in session, weather permitting.  It is an honor to be a member of Flag Corps.  Being involved in the flag detail allows us to take time to reflect on the contributions of others.  There is a lot of pride in being a part of the tradition every day of raising and lowering the flag.

    1.     Flag Corps is responsible for raising and lowering the flags.
    2.     Flag Corps members are students of good character, actively representing our HTES TRRFCC character program.
    3.     Flag Corps members offer flag facts and education about the flags to all HTES students, including information honoring citizens who have been designated to have the flags flown at half-staff.  Every class is welcome to raise the flags with Flag Corps, and share in the responsibility.
    4.     Flag Corps members are available for Flag ceremonies at HTES, and available for Flag ceremonies in the Cave Creek Unified School District.
    5.     Flag Corps members are available for Community Outreach regarding flag duties. 

    1.      Be a responsible 4th, 5th, or 6th  citizen of Horseshoe Trails Elementary School.
    2.      A club fee of $40 covers your club membership to Flag Corps.
    3.      If a Flag Corps member receives a principal referral, he/she must report it to Flag Corps immediately. A 2nd principal referral may result in  dismissal from Flag Corps.
    4.     Flag Corps members maintain a 2.5 GPA in all subject areas.  If a Flag Corps member drops below a 2.5 GPA, he/she reports it to Flag Corps and may seek before school tutoring in Room 209 from fellow Flag Corps members.
    5.     Be dependable in Flag Corps duties without being reminded.  Students who depend on bus transportation to/from school, will need to make other arrangements on days that they have Flag Corps duties.
    Flag Raising  --    8:15 A.M.
    Flag Lowering –   3:45 P.M.
    Half-Day --  12:00 P.M.
    6.     Flag Corps members successfully complete the HTES Flag Corps Guide and submit it to Flag Corps for review.
    7.     Flag Corps members can recite the Pledge of Allegiance and paragraph from Declaration of Independence.