• What is involved with services for Hearing Impaired students?

    Services for students with hearing loss operates as a related service, supporting the educational needs of students with various forms and degrees of hearing loss.  Supportive services range from consultation to direct one to one instruction as determined by the multidisciplinary team. 

    What does the Teacher for Deaf and Hard of Hearing do?

    The teacher for deaf and hard of hearing is an itinerant teacher who travels to all of the school sites providing instruction and consultation for students with all degrees and types of hearing loss.  This teacher has training and expertise which ranges from auditory training, audiological implications including listening devices and FM/DM systems, language acquisition and academic support to self advocacy and social emotional development, as it relates to hearing loss.  The teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing is also fluent in American Sign Language and works with students to ensure they are able to access content in the general education curriculum.

    What is the primary focus of the Hearing Impaired services?

    The primary focus of the teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing is to provide instruction and consultation for students who are deaf and hard of hearing and to ensure students are receiving the appropriate accommodations and modifications in the classroom to ensure students are able to successfully access the curriculum. This teacher also works closely with classroom teachers to provide them with the knowledge to help further support students with hearing loss and their everyday hearing needs.

Helping students with hearing loss