Chinese Programs

  • Mandarin Chinese is considered a crucial language for success in the global economy as well as for our national security. Multiple Chinese programs are offered across the CCUSD schools including Chinese Immersion, World Chinese, Middle School Daily Core Chinese, High School Electives, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

    Schools that offer Mandarin Chinese programs include:

    1.) Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

    Horseshoe Trails Elementary School offers students a conversational strand of Chinese classes that meet twice a week for 20-30 minutes as well as a partial, one-way Chinese Immersion program that will roll up to 4th grade in 2018-19. Enjoy the latest news story by Channel 99:


     2.) Lone Mountain Elementary

    Lone Mountain Elementary School offers Chinese conversational classes twice a week for 30-20 minutes K-6. While not an immersion program, this amount of time allows students to grasp the foundations of Mandarin Chinese. Young children can also hear the different tones in Mandarin that can often determine the meaning of a word so this early exposure will help them as they matriculate into the middle and high school here in CCUSD.

     3.) Sonoran Trails Middle School

    At Sonoran Trails Middle School, students that studies Chinese at their elementary site increase their class time to an hour every day. Over the course of 7th and 8th grade, they cover the high school level 1/2 and move into level 3/4 upon arriving at Cactus Shadows Highs School. Here is a channel 15 ABC news story on how CCUSD taps into some international visiting teacher channels to help with the Chinese teacher shortage. The teacher highlighted in this NEWS STORY is moving into her 3rd year at Sonoran Trails Middle School, Wang Laoshi.

     4.) Cactus Shadows High School

    Welcome to a well-articulated Mandarin Chinese program at CSHS offering levels 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, AP & IB. Be sure to join the Chinese Club as well as the National Chinese Honor Society. Congratulations to the first inductees into the prestigious organization. This is the first National Chinese Honor Society in all of AZ!