Operations & Finance

  • Andrews, Marc
    Director of Technology

    Chiarello, Ted
    Director of Finance

    Frison, Kent
    Assoc. Supt. of Operations & Finance

    Marlow, Janiene
    Director of Human Resources

    King, Doug
    Director of Transportation

    Quinn, Shanon
    Director of Child Nutrition

    Santina, Mike
    Director of Facilities & Construction


  • Durbin, Gina
    Director of Education & Community Services

Teaching & Learning

  • Abrams, Toya
    Instructional Coordinator

    Espy, Thomas

    Director of Academic Services & Assessment

    Igondjo, Carrie
    Director of Special Education

    Ladas, Cristina
    Director of World Languages

    Miller, Jana
    Assoc. Supt. of Teaching & Learning

    Pratt, Nancy
    Director of Instruction & Innovation

School Site Administrators

  • Bagwell, Aaron
    Principal, DSA

    Collentine, Tandehl
    AP of Athletics & Operations, CSHS

    Dolezal, Bill
    Principal, STMS

    Jensen, Patricia
    Principal, LMES

    Owsley, Matt
    Principal, BMES

    Pettinato, Aaron
    Principal, HTES

    Swetter, Jim
    Principal, CSHS

    Umbarger, Laurie
    AP Student Services & Curriculum, CSHS

    Wead, Jeffrey
    Dean of Students, CSHS

    Wiese, Staci
    Principal, DWES

    Wright, Todd
    Assistant Principal, STMS