Kindergarten FOSS Kits

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    Animals 2x2
    In this module, students observe and describe the structure and behavior of an organism and then compare it to one that is similar. Land snails, water snails, small earthworms, night crawlers, pill bugs, or sow bugs can be investigated.
    Kit Inventory - Animals 2x2

    Wood and Paper
    Students are introduced to a wide variety of woods and papers in a systematic way. They will observe the properties of these materials and discover what happens when they are subjected to a number of tests and interactions with other materials. Students learn that wood and paper can be recycled to create new forms of paper or wood which have new properties. Finally, they use what they know about the properties of these materials as they change wood and paper into a variety of products.
    Kit Inventory - Wood and Paper

    Five Senses
    Students identify the five senses and their related body parts through a collection of hands-on investigations.
    Kit Inventory - Five Senses

    Mostly Magnets
    Students are introduced to the concept of magnetic interaction, magnetic materials, compasses and more.
    Kit Inventory - Mostly Magnets

    Literacy Options
    From Seed to Plant; Investigating Water; Properties; Sink or Float; Using Your Senses