6th Grade FOSS Kits

  • All sites have two 6th Grade FOSS Kits.
    These kits cover 98% of the current AZ Science Standards. 

    Diversity of Life 
    This module emphasizes the use of knowledge and evidence to construct explanations for the structures and functions of living organisms.  Students observe and maintain protists, plants, and animals in the classroom and study their characteristic features.  The study progresses from macroscopic to microscopic observation to discover the fundamental unit of life, the cell.  Students then investigate organism subsystems and behaviors and consider their diversity of adaptive structures and strategies.
    Kit Inventory - Diversity of Life

    Weather and Water
    This module focuses on Earth's atmosphere, weather, and water.  A good understanding of meteorology as an earth science is not complete without an introduction to the physics and chemistry that drive weather. Understanding weather is more than reading a thermometer and recording air-pressure measurements.  The course consists of nine investigations. Students first learn about atoms and molecules, change of state, and heat transfer. Then they investigate the water cycle, air masses and fronts, winds, and severe weather.
    Kit Inventory - Weather and Water