• Mission
         Inspire Excellence

         Inspire students to become independent, contributing and engaged members of society.

Governing Board Goals

    • Develop and adhere to policies that create a healthy learning environment.
    • Develop and deliver a curriculum, instructional program and assessment process which exceeds state standards.
    • Provide technology integration which engages students, enhances learning and advances achievement.
    • Encourage participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities such as athletics, fine and performing arts, vocation/career preparation, and   community service.
    • Provide opportunities for principled, visionary and disciplined leadership and professional development which directly impacts student achievement.
    • Maintain an open budget process which considers shareholders' input, is based on student needs and priorities and reflects the district's strategic plan and funding realities.
    • Provide outstanding customer service in all aspects of operations to all stakeholders in the community.

Governing Board Beliefs

    • We value parents as the child's first and best teacher.
    • We value our community who entrusts us with the responsibility of the management of their fiscal resources.
    • Every student will have the opportunity to learn in a safe nurturing environment.  
    • All students can learn with support from inspiring teachers and dedicated staff.   
    • Our schools and students must continuously improve beyond government mandated standards.   
    • Our students will be provided a world-class education as a foundation for their contribution to society.    
    • Our schools must be the cornerstone of our community, be a good neighbor respecting the values, rights and property of all within our school community.
    • Maintain accountability to parents and students to ensure the highest level of curriculum.