• Vocabulary

    “Living Green” & “The Good Garden”

    March 9-13


    transform- change from one thing to another

    Ex. sentence: We can transform our backyard into a beautiful flower and vegetable garden.


    retreat- move back or away from something

    Ex. sentence: The tortoise will retreat into its shell when it feels threatened.


    conscious- aware of something

    Ex. sentence: Let’s be conscious of how much paper we are using.


    implying- to express something without stating it directly

    Ex. sentence: By stopping the lesson, the teacher was implying that we should stop talking.


    contradict- to say or do the opposite of something

    Ex. sentence: The information in the 2 articles contradict each other.


    cascading- falling or flowing in a way similar to a waterfall

    Ex. sentence: The water from the stream was cascading down the rocks.


    depleted- to use up or wear out

    Ex. sentence: The artist depleted her set of paints while using them on a large canvas.


    spectacle- interesting sight

    Ex. sentence: The fireworks show was an amazing spectacle.


    toddles- to walk with short, unsteady steps

    Ex. sentence: My little sister toddles when she walks.


    alternative- choice or option to take the place of something

    Ex. sentence: An apple is a healthier alternative to cookies for a snack.