Grading Requirements

  • Ms. Coleman—3-4 Combo Class



    Reading Test:  The reading comprehension test will be given on Thursday of each week.  The test covers the comprehension skills, vocabulary and writing that is taught throughout the week.  This will count as a reading test grade.   

    Classwork:  There will be some classwork that is graded.  If you see a percentage on the top of a paper it went in the grade portal.  If it has a star, check mark, etc. this is something we went over in class and does not count as a grade.


    Grammar:  Each week a new concept will be taught in grammar.  Some of the grammar practice pages throughout the week will go into the grade portal as classwork.

    Vocabulary: Each week students will have 4-8 vocabulary words from our weekly story that will be practiced in class throughout the week.  Some of these vocabulary words will be found on the weekly reading test. 

    Writing:  We will work on different writing assignments throughout the year.  They usually will be done through Google Classroom and can sometimes take more than one week.  Writing assignments will be assigned as homework, if not finished in the time given in class or if absent.  The amount of points varies each week based on the length of the assignment.

    Spelling: On Monday a spelling list will be sent home with the week’s words along with a homework choice board.  Three activities are due on Thursdays and counts as a homework grade.  Each Friday your child will take a spelling test.  For 3rd grade, there are 18 regular words and 4 challenge words on the test.  For 4th grade, there are 24 regular words and 4 challenge words. The challenge words will each be worth one bonus point. The test will go in the grade portal as a test grade.  Some students may need to have a modified list. If you feel this is necessary for your child please contact me. If your child is absent for the test please give it to them at home and send it in when they return as it will count as a grade.



    Classwork:  Some assignments will be graded and go into the grade portal as a classwork grade.

    Test:  When there is going to be a social studies or science test a study guide will come home for your child to study.  The test will be very similar to the study guide and will count as a test grade.

    Project:  There will be a few social studies or science projects assigned throughout the year that should be completed in class unless not finished in the time provided.  They will go into the grade portal as a project grade.



    Classwork:  Each day we will work in our math notebook to complete today's lesson.  At the end of the week a classwork grade will go into the gradebook for one point per lesson (4 per week).

    Homework:  Please practice multiplication flash cards each night for about 10 minutes.  Yes, both grades need the practice :)  

    Quizzes:  Most Fridays we will have a weekly spiral review quiz.  This quiz will cover the material taught in class that week and will be worth 5 points.  This will go into the grade portal as a math grade.