1. Contact the office or teacher to obtain information regarding volunteer opportunities available.
    2. Review the Volunteer Procedure Handbook.
    3. Complete Volunteer Application (Category I or Category II)

      1. If participating as a Category I Volunteer, submit application to the office
      2. If participating as a Category II Volunteer:

        1. Submit application to the office.
        2. Complete the Annual Cave Creek Unified School District Volunteer Application packet.
    1. Submit all of the above to the school office.  All volunteer forms must be received, two weeks prior to volunteering, including chaperoning an event or field trip.
    2. Volunteers must wait for official clearance by the school office prior to beginning volunteer service of any kind.
    3. The above will be an ANNUAL process. 

    For liability reasons, volunteers are expected to make alternate plans for the care of siblings. They are not to accompany you in your volunteer capacity.