About Teacher

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Degrees and Certifications:

* 2017 MAED Secondary Ed (SEI Endorsed) * 2020 MAED Elementary Ed (SEI Endorsed) *Teacher certification K-12 * 2015 MFA Creative Writing * 2011 BA English Literature

Mrs. Tolino

¡Hola y bienvenido! Hello and welcome!
As an educator I promise to always:
    *Provide a welcoming and learning environment for all students.
    *Make each student feel like they are noticed and seen as an individual within a whole.
    *Be prepared, organized, efficient, and enthusiastic to the best of my ability.
    *Make sure each student reaches their own personal highest academic potential.
    *Ensure that every parent feels their child's education is in the right hands.
About me:
As a child, I grew up speaking only Spanish and emerged into the English language during kindergarten. My mother was a firm believer that we would pick it up on our own during school. I have to say, it worked! At home all that was allowed was Spanish, and in social settings, we could speak both or what was best for everyone involved. My parents are from Sonora, Mexico. My great-grandparents were Chinese, Italian, Tarahumara (Native Mexican), and Mexican -- their common link was a form of the Spanish language.

Fun Facts:
I am a huge desert nature fan. When it isn't too suffocating or melt-worthy temps, I enjoy hiking to reach the summit of a mountain before the sun comes out. I love any flavor of Prince of Peace tea, I probably have enough tea to last me a lifetime. Almond chocolate is simply a must-have. I spend whatever television time I have on shows or movies that have subtitles. There's something I find fascinating about cooking new and challenging meals or desserts. I try my best to be involved or up to date in community art, music or concerts.