About Teacher

Miss Huang Laoshi



Degrees and Certifications:

Master Degree of Arts from HongKong Polytechic University; Teaching Certificate authorized by Chinese Government; CATTI Translation Certificate

Miss Huang Laoshi

My name is Huang Kaiqi from Guangzhou China. I graduated  from Hong Kong Polytechnic University getting my master degree in English Language Teaching. So far I have four-year teaching experience enjoying so much with the kids. I worked in an international school in China with my students covering all the grades who had been such a blessing and great source of inspiration for me. I like travelling a lot, I have been to France, America, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Manaco, Switzerland, Malaysia and Taiwan. I like to share with my students about what I see and experience on the journey in a way to encourage my students to walk out of their comfort zone and explore the world by themselves. I led students to America, Finland and Sweden for intensive culture exchange during summer holidays. It really gave me a strong sense of fulfillment by witnessing my students becoming more condifent in speaking a foreign language to communicate with locals , proud of their Chinese identity and more tolerant to others' differences.