• K-5 ELA Recommended Adoption for 2019-2020

    The K-5 ELA Adoption Committee, with input from teachers, a principal, a community member, and parents landed on the following:

    1.  K-5 Into Reading by Houghton Mifflin as the core literature and writing program.

    2.  K-2 Fundations as the Orton-Gillingham based Tier 1 program to teach our students how to read.  The program addresses all students, including the 1 in 5 students who have dyslexia and need explicit instruction in the rules associated with reading.  Reinforcement of reading for the 4 out of 5 students who do NOT have dyslexia will occur during instruction as Fundations will help these student learn and cement the many rules associated with reading.

    These two programs are on display at the District Office in Room 24 for 60 days.  The decision was made on March 13th and both programs will be available for parent, teacher, and public review (on display) for 60 days before we send the recommendation to the Superintendent on May 13th and ask her to present our choice to the CCUSD Governing Board for approval. Please contact Cara Herkamp to schedule a time to review the programs. 

  • K-5 ELA Adoption

    CCUSD has successfully implemented the Treasures/McGraw-Hill in our K-3 classrooms and Journeys/Holt McDougal in our 4-5 classrooms for the past eight years. Unfortunately, McGraw-Hill is retiring the Treasures program and the time has arrived when we need to move forward with a new adoption.  All curriculum under review has been vetted by EdReports in three areas: Text Quality, Building Knowledge, and Usability.

    Committee Members:

    • Cara Herkamp, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    • Nancy Pratt, Director of Instructional Technology
    • Susan Spigarelli, 3rd Grade Teacher, BMES
    • Michelle Adair, Title 1 Reading Specialist, BMES
    • Rita Antoni, 4th Grade Teacher, DSA
    • Christine Huguley, 3rd Grade Teacher, DSA
    • Megan Linch, 5th Grade Teacher, DSA
    • Kristine Paul, Kindergarten Teacher, DSA
    • Lori Johnston, Title 1 Reading Specialist, DSA
    • Cindy Minor, 5th Grade Teacher, DWES
    • Sherry Holton, Reading Specialist, DWES
    • Kristina Pancoast, 1st Grade Teacher, DWES
    • Alisa Gould, Reading Specialist, HTES
    • Leighanne Harrison, Kindergarten Teacher, HTES
    • Carrie Katai, 5th Grade ELA, HTES
    • Carrie Barrett, 3rd Grade Teacher, LMES
    • Jordyn Blonder, Kindergarten Teacher, LMES
    • Shauna Perko, 4th Grade Teacher, LMES
    • Daryl Greenberg, Title 1 Reading Specialist, LMES
    • Cathy Elliot, Community Member

    Committee meeting dates are as follows:

    • Wednesday, January 23   - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • Wednesday, January 30   - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • Wednesday, February  6  - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • Wednesday, February 13 - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • Wednesday, February 20 - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • Wednesday, February 27 - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • Wednesday, March 6         - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • Wednesday, March 13       - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm    




  • Fundations K-3 - Learning to Read

    Presentation - February 6, 2018

    Students who develop a strong foundation in the basics of reading, learn to love to read. Fundations, by Wilson, implements the proper scope and sequence, following the Orton-Gillingham research and evidence-based approach of learning to read to ensure students develop sound, strong reading skills.  The Fundations curriculum provides multisensory lessons that benefit every student in the classroom, starting early to prevent reading and spelling failure. 

  • American Reading Company

    ARC Core® is a K–12 basal alternative designed to dramatically improve outcomes for both students and teachers.

  • EL Education

    Our K-5 Language Arts Curriculum

    Building on the First Edition, our new K-5 Language Arts curriculum is a comprehensive, standards-based core literacy program that engages teachers and students through compelling, real world content and builds equitable and inclusive learning opportunities for all students.

  • Ready Gen - Pearson Realize

    Presentation - February 20, 2019

    Welcome to a New Generation of Literacy Instruction

    ReadyGEN is an integrated and well-balanced approach to reading and writing instruction for Grades K-6 classrooms. Authentic texts with modeling and teacher-directed activities drive learning and motivate readers. Students read authentic literary and informational texts. Instruction focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening in response to authentic texts. Ready to learn more?
    Ready Gen - Program Overview
    Digital Guide