• Please Note: linqconnect is currently having issues with the amount that can be deposited. Currently, it will only let you pay $150.00 or less. 

    All school lunch balances will carry over to the new school year.

    There are three ways that you can add money to your students' meal account.

    • Send in cash with your student to the cafeteria

    • Send a check in with your student to the cafeteria

    • Use online payment system for the meal accounts


    We use Linq for our online payment system.  Click here for the link.  You can also download the app on the google play store or itunes.  The app name is Linq Connect.   

    FAQ  - click here

    If you are looking for the lunch account history on your child's account from last year, please call us so we can email it to you.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 480-575-2436.

    If you are new to CCUSD and your previous District used linqconnect, please unlink your child from the previous school district.  This will allow you to add your child to CCUSD.  

  • Meal Charging and Collecting

    Below, you will find the recently adopted policy on meal charging and collecting.

     EFDA Collection of Money

  • Refunds

    Please contact us at 480-575-2436 if you have a refund request.

    Please go to the Department Staff page and click on the appropriate school to locate contact information for your school.

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.