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    Welcome to Camp Kramer!  My name is Liz Kramer.  I have taught for over 35 years.  I moved here from Batavia, Illinois.  I have taught kindergarten, first grade, third grade and special education.  I have two daughter who are both teachers.  My husband is in the education field, as well.  I can honestly say I still love teaching.  Lone Mountain feels like home.  My two grandchildren also go to Lone Mountain.  I look forward to making learning fun for your child.   


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Daily Homework Assignments

  • Monday through Thursday: 

    Read for 30 minutes or more!  Is your book as good as gold? 
    How can you work on mastering your multiplication facts?  

    You can use flashcards, Imagine Math, Khan Academy, Brain Pop, or Prodigy!

Class Schedule

  • To be Announced

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