• Welcome to Ms. Cunningham's ELA!

    I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade classes as part of Team Gamma this year.

    Room 410 (when we return to campus)

    Office Hours: Appointments can be scheduled in Canvas. Appointments will be scheduled from 2:30-3:30 on Tuesdays. While our core academic classes do not conflict with each other, I understand that sometimes World Language or an Elective class may conflict - if this happens, we can always schedule another time.

    If other conflicts arise, dates will be communicated to students in Canvas as soon as possible. If my hours conflict with another teacher's, I can often arrange another time to meet with students as long as the student lets me know ahead of time (24 hours at least, 48 hours is preferred). 

Class Schedule

  • Sonoran Trails Distance Learning Schedule
    Block 1→ 7:40-8:30
    Block 2→ 8:40-9:30
    Block 3→ 9:40-10:30*

    Block 4→ 10:40-11:30
    Lunch→ 11:30-12:10
    Stinger Success→ 12:10-12:30
    Block 5→ 12:40-1:30
    Block 6→ 1:40-2:30

    *Team Gamma prep block


    Sonoran Trails 8th Grade Early Release Schedule
    Block 1→ 7:40-8:10
    Block 2→ 8:15-8:41*
    Block 3→ 8:46-9:12
    Block 4→ 9:17-9:43
    Block 5→ 9:48-10:14
    Block 6→ 10:19-10:45



  • We are a GAFE (Google Apps For Education) school, and 99% of the things they will turn in digitally through Canvas. All assignments will be posted in some way in Canvas. I will also be utilizing other GAFE tools to enhance parts of students' learning experience. As a member of Team Epsilon (and a personal belief as well) I am working to help students learn time management and self-advocacy. To that end, I provide due dates for assignments directly to students both in class on one of my white boards as well as in Canvas. Students should be writing assignments down in their agendas, and they can always log in to Canvas and show parents/guardians what they're working on and when things are due. Canvas automatically creates a calendar from posted assignments, so that's one more place a student can check for due dates.

    I will be trying gamification this year and will provide more information as the year gets started.