Department Overview

  • Subject area standards are the "what" of teaching and learning; Curriculum and Instruction are the "how" of teaching and learning.

    • Standards:   Standards are adopted by the Arizona School Board of Education and detail what students should know and be able to do in each subject area.
    • Curriculum:  The CCUSD Governing Board adopted materials and supplemental resources to teach the standards.
    • Instruction:  Teaching methodologies to used by the instructor to engage students in learning.
      • Personalized Learning Site:  Personalized learning is instruction that offers pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environments to meet the individual student's needs. The experience is tailored to learning preferences and the specific interests of different learners.
    • Like other districts, teachers and staff are held accountable by policy to teach from the approved curriculum/state standards. In CCUSD, we do not have curriculum that teaches Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is part of an academic discipline with supporters and detractors and is not part of any CCUSD approved curriculum nor part of the Arizona State Academic Standards.

Parent/Guardian Tools to Support Learning

  • Parent Resources:

    "Parents want the best for their children. We do, too. For the first time ever, 15 nonprofit organizations have joined forces to support parents of the one in five children with learning and attention issues throughout their journey.

    With the right support, parents can help children unlock their strengths and reach their full potential. With state-of-the-art technology, personalized resources, free daily access to experts, a secure online community, practical tips and more, Understood aims to be that support." can help parents support their student or students' learning at home while learning how to effectively work with the school personnel to form a team focused on student success.