Welcome to Sci-Tech @ STMS

  • SciTech Action Labs is an interactive opportunity to explore a variety of STEM topics.  Students combine technology, hands-on activities, and teamwork to explore the innovations of the world around us.  

    Paxton/Patterson provides the online curriculum for Sci-Tech. There are topics including STEM Learning, Health Sciences, and Growing Up Ready. Students work in partnership to explore a variety of units including:

    Forensic Science
    Computer Graphics & Animation
    Flight Technology
    Sports Medicine
    Laser Technology
    Veterinary Medicine
    Science in the Kitchen
    Health & Fitness
    Personal Finance
    Digital Manufacturing

    The Paxton/Patterson Learning Management System (LMS) is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy to keep up and stay on pace to complete each unit successfully and on time.

    [Structural Engineering, Computer-Aided Design, and Alternative Energy are currently out of rotation]