• Welcome! I look forward to the start of the 2020-2021 school year! It will be different than in years passed, but together we'll make it a great one! For information, notes, and assignments, please click the link to visit my classroom. Canvas Log-In You will use your school Google log-in credentials for Canvas. 







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Class Schedule

  •  Mrs. Bech's Schedule 2020-2021

       Hour 1: Youth Transition Program (YTP)

       Hour 2: Voc Lab on campus

       Hour 3: Youth Transition Program (YTP)

       Hour 4: Youth Transition Program (YTP)

       Hour 5: Voc Lab on campus or preschool

       Hour 6: Falcon Skills Maintenance

     Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 2:10-3:15 or at lunch. As Mrs. Bech occasionally has meetings after school, please ask her about specific office hours for each week. Thank you.      



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