• Welcome to Chemistry!

    Chemistry is the study of matter in terms of its physical and chemical properties, the transformations it undergoes, and the energy changes associated with those transformations.


    Welcome to AP2 and IB HL Physics!

    AP and IB Physics 2 provides a broad, conceptual overview of the advanced principles of physics, including thermodynamics, fluids, electrostatistics, DC and RC circuits, magnestism and electromagnetic inductions, geometric and physical optics and quantum physics, atomic and nuclear physics. Problem solving activities and laboratory experiments provide students with opportunities to apply these principles, creating a strong foundation for future studies.



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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

Class Schedule

  • Period 1 (7:20-8:17)- AP2/ IB HL

    Period 2 (8:22-9:19)- Chemistry

    Period 3 (9:24-10:21)- Chemistry

    Period 4 (10:26-11:29)- Chemistry

    Lunch (11:29-12:09)

    Period 5 (12:09-1:05)- Prep

    Period 6 (1:10-2:05)- chemistry


Online Textbooks

  •  Glencoe Online Learning Center for Chemistry Matter and Change Textbook

    This link takes you to the publisher webpage.  Practice exams and quizzes for each chapter and section of the textbook are provided.  However, you cannot read the textbook at this site.