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Degrees and Certifications:

M.A. in Political Science B.A. in French Graduate Teaching Certificate

Mrs. Stumpo

Bonjour et bienvenue! I was born and raised in Vladivostok, Russia. After completing my graduate degree at the Far East State University, I came to the USA and began my teaching career at a wonderful school district in West Michigan. I have been teaching World History and French language for 14 years. My family and I decided to move to Arizona because of the state's endless sunshine, beautiful landscapes and the Grand Canyon! I love to travel and have lived in Vietnam, South Korea, China, Israel, France, Italy and Greece. 

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  • Learning a world language is an opportunity for our students to become compassionate individuals interested in understanding people of different cultures! My French language course is focused on developing students’ proficiency, or their ability to perform in the language. Learners with more exposure to the language become more proficient in it. Therefore, it is my strong belief that world language classes must be based on comprehensible input. Students should be able to hear and read the language before they are ready to speak and write it. In my classes, I provide daily comprehensible input through scaffolded class conversations, storytelling, movie talks and authentic videos. I place my students and their interests at the center of our class conversations: we discuss things that are important to them, making the language learning more relevant. I encourage students to express themselves in the language without the fear of making mistakes. Their communicative goal is to make themselves understood and not necessarily to speak like a native. I teach grammar and high-frequency vocabulary in the context of our class conversations and stories. It is through relevant context that my students begin to internalize the language and continue on their path to language proficiency.