• Children who are five years old by September 1st, 2024 may register for kindergarten.


    1. Certified State Birth Certificate* (a copy needs to be uploaded) All student's reference must match exactly as the birth certificate
    2. Proof of Residence - The residency of a student, natural or adoptive parent, or other person to whom custody of the student has been granted by court order shall be based upon evidence of the individual's physical presence and intent to remain in the District.  Such evidence of residency may include, without limitation, landlord-tenant agreements, rent receipts, and receipts for utility payments.  (copy needs to be uploaded)
    3. Medical Proof of Immunization Records  (must be upload)
      • Student can not start school without current immunizations or exemption status
      • Immunizations must be age appropriate at the time of registration
      • If additional immunizations are required due to age, parent/guardian must provide medical proof before the child can be enrolled and placed in a class
    4. Valid parent/guardian ID for student registration (must be upload)
      • Valid driver's license or state ID
      • Valid passport
    5. Current court ordered custody paperwork orders of protection and proof of service, thereof, temporary court ordered legal guardianship papers**  (must be uploaded if applicable)
    6. Withdrawal form from previous school if applicable (must be uploaded if applicable)
      • Student previously enrolled in school

    ​​​​​​​Thank you for your cooperation!  We look forward to welcoming your family to Black Mountain Elementary School


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    If you would like a tour with our principal, Matt Owsley, please contact Janet Kennedy, administrative assistant.