Mission Statement

  • Our Mission:
    Lone Mountain Elementary School will provide all students a safe and caring environment that focuses on a S.T.E.A.M. curriculum emphasizing 21st century skills and student-centered learning. 

    Our Vision:
    "Soaring to Success"

    Our Goals:
    The Lone Mountain Community will establish a child-centered learning environment in
    which we build from strengths. The Lone Mountain Community will establish
    a happy, safe, respectful learning environment for all.

    Our Beliefs:
    We believe that ALL children are capable of success. No exceptions.
    We believe that learners thrive in a positive, safe, respectful environment.
    We believe that learning occurs best when all learners are inspired and encouraged to
    take responsibility for their learning in order to reach their highest potential.
    We believe that all children have the right to a challenging educational experience.
    We believe that meaningful professional development makes us better educators.
    We believe in the power of students, parents, teachers, administrators and other
    community members working together to achieve the same goals.