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     Welcome back to your, now, online learning experience! 


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    All instructional information and content is posted in Google Classroom.

    Parents, please contact me about joining your student's individual Google Classroom and Remind (text message).


    Important Information:

    1. Online classes begin on Thursday, April 2.

    2. Students will need to use Google Classroom for attendance and daily assignments.
      The daily attendance question must be submitted by 2 PM to count for daily attendance. All assignments will be released weekly and will have suggested due dates, but weekly work must be submitted by Friday before midnight. Long term projects are due on the specified date (students will be given ample time).

    3. Office hours:
      2 - 3 PM, Monday - Thursday
      7 AM - 3 PM, Friday
      Google Meet/Zoom, by appointment and primarily in French

    4. Please encourage your student to communicate in French with me as much as possible.

    5. If your student is currently enrolled in my class, please complete my "Distance Learning Practices and Procedures" form that I sent to you by email, or feel free to contact me for the link.

    6. As a final reminder, languages are not learned by simply turning in the assignments. To that end, students should spend 5-10 minutes per day studying vocabulary, conjugations, listening to broadcasts or podcasts, or watching videos in French. Here are some invaluable resources where they can explore their interests (FR5-6=A2/B1, FR7-8-IBJrs=B1/B2):
      1. TV5Monde Apprendre - https://apprendre.tv5monde.com/en
      2. RFI Savoirs - https://savoirs.rfi.fr/en


    If you wish to communicate any questions or concerns, please email me.


    Bibliothèque du Château de Fontainebleau    Aix-les-bains


  • Office Hours

    Monday-Friday, 2-3 PM
    Friday, 7 AM-3 PM
    Google Meet/Zoom, by appointment only and primarily in French

    Email: jtrenton@ccusd93.net