Welcome to 2nd Grade Immersion

  • 2019 Year of the Pig

    NI HAO! We are so excited to begin the new year together in the Mandarin Immersion program at Horseshoe Trails! Second grade is a wonderful time for students to explore reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and world language using new and engaging strategies. Whole group, small group, personalized learning, partner work, technology, and many more learning approaches will be used in our classrooms to meet the needs of all students.  We can't wait to meet you and are looking forward to a wonderful year!


  • OPTIONAL SPELLING CITY PRACTICE: Use the link on this page 
    Weekly spelling words are listed with the current story:


    Please use the following link to access the word wall words:

     Word Wall Words Link

Class Schedule

  • notebook with horse picture
    Mrs. Wong

    notebook with horse picture
    Cai Laoshi

Online Textbooks

  • GoMath textbook   Treasures textbook

     Mandarin Matrix