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    Even though CCUSD schools remain closed for the year, learning still continues for all students. Visit Black Mountain's virtual school to access your lessons for this week.

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    Welcome to BMES Drama! This course introduces and explores theatre from the page to the stage as a live performing art. Topics include the relationship between theatre and society (historical and contemporary), dramatic structure, and the crafts of theatre artists such as directors, designers, playwrights, and actors.

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Theatre comedy and tragedy masks

Class Schedule

  • Day One:

    9:45-10:25 Parmeley

    10:30-11:10 Scherling

    2:05-2:45 Maximoff

     2:50-3:30 Spigarelli 

    Day Two:

    9:00-9:40 Smith

    9:45-10:25 Parks

    10:30-11:10 Morande

    2:05-2:45 Mullinix 

    2:50-3:30 Hughes

    Day Three:

    9:00-9:40 Pollicino

    9:45-10:25 Mortimer

    10:30-11:10 Manning 

    2:05-2:45 Taylor

    2:50-3:30 Oliver

    Day Four:

    9:00-9:40 Bauer

    10:30-11:10 Nechtman

    2:05-2:45 Cardin

    2:50-3:30 Barnes

    Day Five:

    9:00-9:45 Jones

    9:45-10:25 Finley

    10:30-11:10 Mitchell

    2:05-2:45 Steward

    2:50-3:30 Orrett