Welcome to 8th Grade Chinese☺️ 欢迎大家!

  • 大   家    好!  dà  jiā  hǎo!

     我     是    任    老     师  
     wǒ  shì  Rèn  lǎo  Shī 

    Welcome to 8th grade Chinese Class. I am so happy to be here and ready to finish strong with all you of at STMS. 

    In this class, we are TeammatesFriends ,& creators. We respect & listen to each other. We set goals and will constantly encourage each other to reach them.

     Ms. Ren

    Black Framed Eyeglasses on White Printer Paper

课后作业 Homework 🖥

  • We Use Canvas for Homework/updates/announcements. Please check Canvas daily for homework/announcement updates😊




Class Schedule

  • 8th Grade Schedule 


    • Block 1: 7:40-8:30 AM Chinese 8 第一课堂

    • Block 2: 8:40-9:30 AM Prep          教师备课

    • Block 3: 9:40-10:30 AM Chinese8 第二课堂

    • SS: 10:40-11:05 AM

    • Block4:11:15-12:05 AM               第三课堂

    • Lunch: 12:05-12:35 AM Chinese8 

    • Block 5: 12:40-1:30 PM Chinese8 第四课堂

    • Block 6: 1:40-2:30 PM Chinese8   第五课堂

    • Office Hours: Thursday: 2:30-3:30 PM. 办公室答疑