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Ms. Samantha F. Gebel

  • Ms. Gebel, or Ms. G., has lived her whole life in Phoenix, only experiencing a change in weather when she attended NAU for her B.A. and M.A. She received her MEd from ASU when she decided that teaching was in her blood. She is excited to begin her tenth year teaching, having made the change from collegiate to high school six years ago. 

    Ms. Gebel believes that her education and teachers are what got her through every obstacle she faced while knowing that her students are what inspire her every day. She is a firm believer in the "Know Your Why" theory. Her "why" is wanting to help her students so that they always feel comfortable, confident, and are able to find calm among the chaos. She believes that class culture begins with the teacher and she does whatever she can to make it fun, educational, and memorable. 

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