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    Welcome to the brand-new world of distance learning. We'll figure it out together, with patience and understanding. First things first: I hope you and yours are safe, well, and taking care of one another. Second thing second: Please read this entire page - we are in mostly uncharted waters, and communication is our best way to navigate.

    Online course work will begin Thurs, April 02.

    Online Resources: All course work will be available via my Google Classroom for each hour's class. Most of you have joined already (and thank you), and the rest have been invited via email. The steps required for students to access or enroll in my Google Classroom are:

    1. Go to Google Classroom. 
    2. Click on the +  and select join a class
    3. Enter the class code that corresponds with the class you take (you can find those codes by class hour to the right ===>

    Weekly Assignments: The course work for all History and Government courses will be made available each week on Saturday and will be due by 11:59 PM on the following Friday. This provides students with six days to complete the weekly work. The assignments will not be officially due until 11:59 PM on Friday. The following day students will have access to the next weekly assignments.

    Attendance: In compliance with state guidelines I will need to mark attendance each school day (M-F). Therefore, in addition to the weekly assignments, students will have a Daily Question that they will have to answer by 3:00 PM. The Daily Question will double as an attendance marker that I will use to mark students present or absent, and will only be accessible on scheduled school days. It will also be used to give students daily participation points. Please note: Due to the rate that we are getting additional information, attendance and the way we check on it may well change. I will, of course, let you know as soon as I know.  

    Communication: I will be available via e-mail at lpaullin@ccusd93.net  or students can schedule “Office Hours” for individual needs or more in-depth questions. I am willing and able to provide “Office Hours” on Zoom.  Please email me to schedule this.

     Declaration of Independence

    That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of History - Aldous Huxley


    History never looks like history when you are living through it. - John W. Gardner



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    1st Hour: US/AZ History

    2nd Hour: US/AZ History

    3rd Hour: US/AZ History

    4th Hour: US/AZ Gov'mt

    6th Hour: US/AZ History

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    Please contact me for access into our google classroom.

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