Parent = "Learning Coach"

  • The Cave Creek Academy of Excellence (AOE) requires parents to commit to serve in the role of a “Learning Coach" as part of enrollment of your student into the online school.

    Who is the Learning Coach?
    A parent or other trusted adult who supports the student’s online education at home

    What does a Learning Coach do?
         -Provide the organization, structure and motivation a student needs by establishing and managing the online
          school daily routine
         -Support the student with navigating technology and the online learning platform as needed
         -Monitor student learning and comprehension of content--support the learner with clarification and
         -Helps monitor attendance and ensures that the student completes and attends all required exams
         -Communicates with the student’s teachers and attends all conferences and/or office hours if support is
         -Provide ongoing guidance and encouragement
         -Encourage social activities outside of online school through contact with others through field trips, clubs and
          community activities

    Understanding the Commitment by Grade Levels
    Understanding the role of the Learning Coach is essential to the success of your online learner. In most cases, the age of your student determines how much time you will spend working with them.

    Grade Levels

    Will there be support for the Learning Coach prior to enrollment and during the school year?

    Yes, the AOE teachers and principal will provide an online orientation to help the Learning Coach understand how to navigate the learning systems and understand how to best support student learning.  The orientation will also provide guidance for navigating resources and support systems that are available.  

    Additional tutorials and support meetings will continue throughout the school year.