• Welcome To Mr. Gibadlo's Class At CSHS!

Welcome Everyone!

  • Welcome everyone!  We are slowly transitioning to the school year and it will look very different from previous years.  We will be using Canvas as our learning management system.  This is new to me as well as to all of you.  Therefore, please be patient with yourself, your classmates and your teachers.

    I look forward to the coming academic year with great anticipation.  My hope is this is a rewarding year for all of us.  See you in class!

Class Schedule

  • My Class Schedule

    1.  SC 2803-8 Basic Math/PLC 2865-1 Algebra Essentials

    2.  PLC 2861-1 Geometry/SC 2803-7 Basic Math

    3.  SC 3803-2 Basic Science

    4.  2832-1 Math Essentials I/2834-1 Math Essentials II


    5.  PLC 3861-1 Biology

    6.  Office Hours-By Appointment Only

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Canvas Learning Platform

  • Canvas Log-In You will use your school Google log-in credentials for Canvas.