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    1st Period--9th English--7:20-8:10

    2nd Period--Prep--8:20-9:10

    3rd Period--9th English--9:20-10:10

    4th Period--10th English--10:20-11:10


    5th Period--10th English--12:10-1:10

    6th Period--9th English--1:10-2:05

    Office Hours from 2:10-3:00 Tues, Wed, Thurs






    Welcome to PRE AP ENGLISH 1 and 2

    Course Syllabus 2020-2021

    Instructor:  Miss Guldborg

    Room #:   307


    Email Address: sguldborg@ccusd93.net

    Website: http://www.ccusd93.org 🡪CSHS🡪English Department🡪 Miss Guldborg

    Office Hours (subject to change based on meetings): TUES, WED, THURS (2:10-3:00).


    Disclaimer: Course information listed in this syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor based on new information from the school/district/state.


    Course Description:

    Pre-AP English 1 and 2 are based on focused content and targeted assessment that narrows down the wide-range of reading comprehension and writing.


    Course Setup:

    ●      Canvas: The school is using Canvas as our online classroom. It is imperative that students get acclimated to Canvas as EVERYTHING will be available through our course. Students will be invited/placed in our class. Course Name: PreAP 1 and 2. Canvas has a phone app, which is great for quick/easy access and notifications, BUT do not rely on the phone app to complete work. Students will need a computer/laptop/tablet for that.

    ●      Zoom: You will join the Zoom Meeting by entering this link: https://zoom.us/j/94543061543?pwd=V1dEMCs0UkUrTEIxNHl0ek5TVXYzdz09 You will then be asked for the Meeting ID: 945 4306 1543.  You will also have to enter the Passcode: 4nx8U9


    Required Course Materials/Texts: 

    ●      A Notebook for Bellwork. Write in it each day and then send me the week’s work on Friday. Students can use a scanner/camera app to take pictures of it OR they can just type them up while we’re online. But a notebook is useful for Bellwork and for note-taking (as it is a tried & true method).

    ●      Access to a computer, a printer, and reliable Internet--WE CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT THIS! There are no “required texts” at present because everything will be shared on Canvas. All short readings are on Canvas, any longer texts will be offered on Canvas. All assignments will be shared through Canvas. Students can print them if they want, but with the uncertainty of online v in-person, it is easier if everything is online in one place (Canvas). Students must be able to read/write/submit online!

    ●      Students must know how to access the following Google Apps: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Forms. So long as they can get into their school gmail, they can access these resources that will be used for much of what we do (Canvas & Teacher Websites have more information).

    ●      Students will need accounts (usernames/passwords) for the following sites: Pre-AP, Vocabulary, Quizizz, and CommonLit (Canvas & Teacher Website have more information).

    ●      Students will need reliable access to Zoom. Preferably a computer so they are able to see the information provided & take notes, but the phone works in a pinch.

    ●      It is strongly advised that students get a binder/folder to hold their Notebook/Bellwork & a few suggested printouts. Though we’re online for the foreseeable future, it is advised that students print the following:

    ➔   The Syllabus that includes the: Daily Checklist, Weekly Checklist, Online/Distance Learning Expectations

    ➔   The Annotation Chart

    ➔   The Student Organizer (or have their own)

    ➔   anything else they might need


    Assignment Breakdown:


    Grading Policy:

    Grades are updated weekly through Infinite Campus and Canvas. All work will be submitted through Canvas. No work will be accepted through email unless the student has communicated a reason for why Canvas is not working.

    Note: It is the student’s responsibility to check grades frequently in case of error.


    Grade Categories and Percentages:

    100% to 90% = A   89% to 80% = B   79% to 70% = C   69% to 60% = D   Below 60% - F


    The work in this class will be weighted as follows: Written and Verbal Assessments--40%,  Tests and Quizzes--15%,  Classwork--30%,  Homework--5%, and                Final Test--10%


    Additional Support and Make-up Hours:

    If a student is absent, they are responsible for finding what they missed and communicating a plan for making up the work that meets the Syllabus guidelines. If a student needs help understanding what they missed, or needs further help understanding something from class, they must attend office hours or schedule time. If a student missed a Test/Quiz/In-Class Writing, they are responsible for scheduling a time during office hours to complete it.


    Retake/Test Correction policy:

    All final drafts of papers are final. All quizzes/tests are final. All writing assignments and activities are final. Once you turn it in, it’s final. Comments/grades can be discussed with me during office hours. This is why constant communication is key, as it is how students can get help prior to assessment dates or ask for extensions.



    ●      Students are responsible for their own work. That means turning it in, holding on to it when it is passed back (hold on to documents until grades are finalized), saving documents to Google Drive, etc. Anything students bring to class they are responsible for keeping track of. If they bring a drink that is fine, but it must be properly sealed and if they spill they will clean.

    ●      Students are in charge of their own behavior, but please remember that though this is OUR CLASS for 50-minutes a day, it is MISS GULDBORG’S CLASSROOM all day/every day.

    ●      Please respect the class so we can have an engaging and memorable experience.

    ●      If students fail to respect the class then the teacher will give a warning for behavior.

    ●      If a student fails to communicate regarding missing work, an email will be sent home, but do not rely on the teacher to make sure missing work is completed. Students must check their own grades to keep track of that.

    ●      If a student continues to have problems with behavior or academic performance, the teacher will email parents/write a note in IC (depending on the severity of the problem).

    ●      There is a difference between “attempting work but not completing it because you’re struggling or overwhelmed with all your work, so you submit what is done for partial credit” and “poorly disguising the fact that you quickly put something down in the hopes of credit because you procrastinated or did not prioritize English work”. Do your best to avoid the second one.




    Cactus Shadows Digital Citizenship 2020-  Distance Learning Expectations

    Parents, Guardians, and most importantly, Students - Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!  I know that it is going to be so strange to start a school year in a distance learning scenario where school will begin virtually, meeting your teachers and seeing classmates through a screen. Different and strange does not mean it won't be great!  Our attitude is one thing we can control and it is our decision. My hope is that we reach a point sooner than later that we can return to in person learning safely as I can’t wait to see all of you.  Below I have provided our digital learning expectations so that we can all be on the same page as to what distance learning will look like this fall.  If you have questions or concerns, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them. After the expectations, I have placed the period/time schedule for our distance learning. 

    *These expectations are for any class that is taken with our teachers and not a part of Edgenuity. 


    ●      Setting should be well-lighted - student needs to be clearly visible

    ●      No inappropriate posters, wall art, etc.

    ●      No audible music or other distracting sounds in background (TV, video games, phones, etc)

    ●      Students should participate from a setting conducive to schoolwork - it is best to establish a “school space/desk area” in the home and not attempt to work from cars, public spaces, poolside, laying on a bed or couch



    ●      Students should dress according to the student handbook.

    ●      Casual - school-appropriate

    ●      Hoodies does not cover the head

    ●      No pajamas or sleepwear

    ●      No inappropriate messaging on clothing

    Language and behavior:

    ●      School-appropriate language

    ●      Avoid distracting behaviors


    ●      Students must log in within the 5-minute window before the assigned class time start- Tardiness will be recorded.

    ●      Video on at all times

    ●      Audio muted (teacher can set this preference)

    ●      Breaks should be discouraged since online sessions are brief, however, to minimize distractions if a break is needed, student needs to request permission from teacher, turn video off when leaving room and turn video on upon returning.


    ●      Teachers will take attendance within the first 5 minutes of class. Attendance and tardiness will be recorded.

    ●      Student having technical issues should “immediately” contact the school attendance line. 

    ●      If a student will miss a class period or a whole day, please call the attendance line, the same as if we were “in person”.

    School Rules:

    ●      Student behavior must be in accordance with established guidelines in the handbook.  If a behavior that is not in alignment with the school rules occurs, consequences will apply. 

    ●      Academic integrity is absolutely expected during this time- students should produce and turn in their own work -  any violations will have consequences in accordance with the student handbook.




    Grade Changes: We will provide many opportunities for students to demonstrate learning throughout the grading period. I have worked diligently to assure that each student is treated equitably. In order to maintain the integrity of grades, requests to change or “bump up” grades will not be considered. A student’s grade is a snapshot of mastery of content during a relatively narrow time frame of Semester 1 or Semester 2, and does not represent future potential. If I have made a clerical error in calculating semester grades, I am able to make the appropriate changes in the next semester.


    Per your student handbook, if a student has an absence he/she will be allowed to make up the work as long as the work is completed in the allotted amount of time (ie two days for each day missed). Work not turned in due to an absence must be turned in on the day returning to class. Unexcused absences will result in NO credit for the work done in class that day. This includes assessments. If a student is absent more than ten days during the semester, they may lose credit for the course, per CCUSD policy.


    School Absence Policy

    Students are responsible for contacting teachers to complete missed work. Parents can e-mail teachers to request homework to pick up during a student’s absence. For every day of excused absence, a student has two days to make up homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests (parents have 24 hours to contact the school to excuse the absence). Work previously assigned with a due date during an absence is due on the first day of his/her return to school (including suspension dates). Be advised that each department, which assigns extended projects, has specific deadline dates. All make up work from an excused absence is eligible to receive full credit if completed and turned in within the 2 day window. Some courses such as

    Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment courses have numerous long-term projects or portfolios, which may have absolute deadlines. Students will be advised of these project/portfolio deadlines in the course syllabus or on grading outlines and will be expected to turn in projects/portfolios prior to the designated date for credit regardless of days absent. Assignments, tests, quizzes not completed within the 2 day window will receive a zero. (Ref: Board Policy JH-R)



    If a student come to class without their ID and has to leave to get it, they are marked tardy. If they are not here when attendance is taken, they are marked tardy (within the bell work time frame).


    Students Leaving Class:

    Passes will not be given the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes of the class period and

    students are to be gone no longer than ten minutes. Please use passing periods wisely and take care of personal matters. Also bring everything you need to class.

    There is a sign out sheet and bathroom/hall pass by the door.


    Electronic Devices:

    Classrooms are designated as ‘No Phone Zones. Cellphones, earbuds, Airpods, or any other electronic devices are not to be seen or used in classrooms for any reason other than teacher requested academic activities. Upon entry into the classroom, students should turn off and stow all devices in their backpacks. If the teacher allows the students to use their phone and they abuse that privilege (using it for something other than what the teacher allows or using it when it is not allowed) then the phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the class period and parents will be contacted.

    If students bring their cellphone, earbuds, or Airpods to school and they are damaged or lost, the school and teacher cannot be held responsible. Recording any activities in class without the express permission of the teacher and other students is prohibited and subject to a discipline referral.


    District Policy JK-R 

    A student may be subject to disciplinary action when the student engages in any of the following forms of academic misconduct:

    ·Lateness - For missing or leaving school or class without permission or excuse.

    ·Cheating - Including but not limited to copying, using unauthorized help sheets and the like, illegally obtaining tests in advance, substituting for a test-taker, and other forms of unauthorized collusion.

    · Plagiarism - Representation of the ideas or work of another person as his/her own.

    ·Collusion - Supporting malpractice by another student as in allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted for assessment by another.

    ·Duplication of work - Presentation of the same work for different assessment components and/or requirements.

    ·Fabrication of Data - Manufacturing data for a table, survey, or other such requirement.

    ·Any behavior that gains an unfair advantage for a student and/or affects the results of another student.

    Cactus Shadows High School takes academic dishonesty seriously. Any violation of this policy will result in a zero for the assignment/assessment for a first offense, a zero for the assignment/assessment and short term suspension for a second offense and a loss of credit for the semester course (.5) and short term suspension for a third offense.

    Students who share assignment/assessment information with other students via pictures, paper or electronics will receive a zero on the assignment/assessment and a short term to long term suspension (prior academic misconduct referrals from any other school or CCUSD grade level will be considered).



    Under NO circumstance are students allowed to “share” answers on assignments, warm ups (bellwork), labs, quizzes, or tests. Additionally, students should not be in possession of other students’ papers. The use of textbooks or “cheat sheets” for tests or quizzes is also not permitted. Students will receive NO CREDIT for any of the items described above, as well as, for talking during a quiz or test. Whenever two people are involved in a cheating episode, BOTH the person providing the answer and the person receiving the answer will earn NO CREDIT. Parents will be notified and a referral to the appropriate administrator will be written. A second offense may result in a short term suspension for up to nine days, as per CCUSD policy.









    Syllabus Agreement


    I have read all pages of Miss Guldborg’s Pre-AP English 1 and 2 syllabus and understand and accept the policies and procedures outlined there in.




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