Madison Burke

  • Madison Burke

     Phone: ext. 3060


    Bachelor of Arts

    Early Childhood Special Education

    Early Childhood Education 

    Arizona State University 2019

    Early Childhood Education 

    Arizona Department of Education Certification:

    Early Childhood Education

    Special Education 


    Ms. Maddie

    Welcome to the Program of Academic Language Success (PALS). In our classroom, we celebrate the growth and achievements of all learners. I am excited to embark on a journey of progress together. I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona where I attended Arizona State University (Forks Up!), graduating in 2019 with dual degree's in Early Childhood Special Education and Early Childhood Education. I am currently earning a Master's Degree in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State and am expected to graduate in December 2019. I have been at Lone Mountain since 2019 and I have found my home away from home. I am eager to welcome you to our Lone Mountain community. Eagles Soar to Success!


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    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe that all children are unique and have their own specialties they bring to their education. In my classroom, we are a community and it is my role as their educator to facilitate a happy, relaxed, and engaging learning atmosphere to encourage academic and behavioral progress. I create meaningful lessons with each student in mind using hands-on learning opportunities. I strive to cultivate a welcoming classroom for everyone. Each student has their own voice and their own gift, I will give each learner the tools to unwrap it.